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Consulting Division

Globalization has rendered the world to a village in the sense that a lot of rules defining boundaries and distance have been reduced. This has led to competition in every sector. The final product is the quality, quantity and standardization of products. For every aspect the need of the hour are of the consultants for various functions. Consultancy has become the "MANTRA" of the day. There are large numbers of consultancy firms across the globe. Most of them are expensive and not affordable to the MSME sector, which delivers 80% of the world output.

NIET's Consulting Division is planning to provide, high quality, cost effective solutions to this sector. The consulting division is captained by M.Thaajudeen, a consultant who delivers cost effective business solutions to MSME sector for more than three decades. The group has successfully created partnership, relationships and tie ups with high quality consulting professionals in many parts of India and countries like Singapore, Australia, Canada, and Middle East. The team is responsible for various tie-ups in various sectors, nationally and internationally.

The Division intends to specialize in:

  • Giving insight on innovative industrial aspects
  • Counseling on risk in business environments
  • Advise on taxation and accounting
  • Manpower planning and training
  • Advising on cost effective IT Solutions
  • Providing tailor made solution to suit the MSME sector