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Skill Enhancement Division(NISE)

The Skill Enhancement Division will be known as National Institute of Skill Enhancement and the corporate office will be head quartered in Chennai with its Administrative office in Trivandrum. The idea is to create a hub and spoke model throughout the country so that the quality of study will remain equivalent throughout the nation. There will be centre's which will act as modules in various metros, urban, semi-urban and rural areas so as to cater to all types of needs as far as skill training is concerned. While, theoretical training will be a part of the curriculum, on hands training will be an integral part of the curriculum. The School has decided to impart 70% of the time to on hands training and 30% to theoretical lessons.

There will be a variety of courses that are found to be essential and have been added in the following pages. Students who apply will be assessed for appropriate courses depending on their talents and skills. The Students will also have the option to integrate with other parallel streams. The students on completion will have to enroll in the Finishing school also before they are given proper Diplomas/Certificates attested by National Councils or even International Centres.

The Division will have very strict supervision as far as studies are concerned and every personnel concerned with education- be it teacher or student, will have to endure tests and interview in between sessions. There will be need to update as far as teachers are concerned. The students will be provided with online amenities so that they also get updated on every aspect of the curriculum. On completion of the studies, every student will be sent to the Placement Cell for employment opportunities.