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I. Skill Enhancement Division(NISE)

The Skill Enhancement Division will be known as National Institute of Skill Enhancement and the corporate office will be head quartered in Chennai with its Administrative office in Trivandrum. The idea is to create a hub and spoke model throughout the country so that the quality of study will remain equivalent throughout the nation. There will be centre’s which will act as modules in various metros, urban, semi-urban and rural areas so as to cater to all types of needs as far as skill training is concerned. While, theoretical training will be a part of the curriculum, on hands training will be an integral part of the curriculum. The School has decided to impart 70% of the time to on hands training and 30% to theoretical lessons. There will be a variety of courses that are found to be essential and have been added in the following pages. Students who apply will be assessed for appropriate courses depending on their talents and skills.

The Students will also have the option to integrate with other parallel streams. The students on completion will have to enroll in the Finishing school also before they are given proper Diplomas/Certificates attested by National Councils or even International Centres.

The Division will have very strict supervision as far as studies are concerned and every personnel concerned with education- be it teacher or student, will have to endure tests and interview in between sessions. There will be need to update as far as teachers are concerned. The students will be provided with online amenities so that they also get updated on every aspect of the curriculum. On completion of the studies, every student will be sent to the Placement Cell for employment opportunities.

II. Consulting Division

Globalization has rendered the world to a village in the sense that a lot of rules defining boundaries and distance have been reduced. This has led to competition in every sector. The final product is the quality, quantity and standardization of products. For every aspect the need of the hour are of the consultants for various functions. Consultancy has become the “MANTRA” of the day. There are large numbers of consultancy firms across the globe. Most of them are expensive and not affordable to the MSME sector, which delivers 80% of the world output.

NIET’s Consulting Division is planning to provide, high quality, cost effective solutions to this sector. The consulting division is captained by M.Thaajudeen, a consultant who delivers cost effective business solutions to MSME sector for more than three decades. The group has successfully created partnership, relationships and tie ups with high quality consulting professionals in many parts of India and countries like Singapore, Australia, Canada, and Middle East. The team is responsible for various tie-ups in various sectors, nationally and internationally.

The Division intends to specialize in:

  • Giving insight on innovative industrial aspects
  • Counseling on risk in business environments
  • Advise on taxation and accounting
  • Manpower planning and training
  • Advising on cost effective IT Solutions
  • Providing tailor made solution to suit the MSME sector

III. Placement Division

Providing education, knowledge and partial skilling are imparted by almost all educational institution across India. The educated became either unemployed or under employed resulting in dissatisfaction and frustration in work places. Attrition is also another aspect of not fulfilling an end. Providing right employment and continuous skilling are considered as a solution to this across the globe. The reluctance in any major initiative has not been taken till the new initiative of the present Government-“SKILL INDIA INITIATIVE”. Filling the gap of the skilled and providing continuous skilling is the mission of the Trust. To achieve this, the placement division is being introduced. Since our trained man force are undergoing regular training and regular skill enhancement, the Division will not find any difficulty in placing the “specifically job oriented skilled person”.

The placement division is built on a strong foundation with reputed and experienced promoters. Moreover the Division has partnered with reputed industrial and business houses for skilling their employees and giving them an opportunity to “learn while they earn”. The dream is to make the Division a “one Stop Shop” for all manpower requirements as there will be a wide network spread all over India and other parts of the world. The services include finding right people for the right job, conducting selection process, testing their required skills and reporting to the institutions depending on their requirements.

IV. People Empowerment Division

The Trust is committed to the nation at large. Being registered under the nonprofit and charitable act, the Trust will ensure that it will take up a pledge to help the unprivileged and the underprivileged in any manner possible. The Trust will endeavor on a mission to find drop outs and other lesser privileged students from rural and undeveloped areas and from areas that have lesser access and train them in any field that they are adept in. They will be also provided scholarships and other facilities if they are found eligible to study in foreign universities. The prime focus will be empowering children and youth and there will be stress on women empowerment also.

We believe that a healthy civil society can be built only on a strong economic foundation blended in social values and community support. In addition to these aspects, we do hope to accommodate elders and orphans at a later stage where the students adept at care giving will supervise them, making them good citizens who will care. The trust will also ensure that all students who study in our schools undergo internship in some kind of social building activity so that they will be trained to undergo hardships at some stage in their life.